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Tripp Pond aka Tripp Lake in Poland Maine

Welcome to Tripp Pond located in southern Androscoggin County in the town of Poland. This body of water covers an area of 768 acres and has a maximum depth of just 36 feet.

This body of water is well developed, however it still offers nice hillside views of the Poland area. There is good public access to this pond with a public swimming area at the southern end and parking off of Route 11.
Swimming, boating and paddling can be enjoyed along with fishing the largemouth bass and white perch. You can contact Androvise Realty to learn more about this lake and for information about real estate on its shores.

Upper & Lower Narrows Pond

With an area of 255 acres, Lower Narrows Pond provides great fishing for both coldwater and warmwater species like landlocked salmon and lake trout. Located within 10 miles of the capital, temperatures get up to 76 degrees on at the surface and down to 39 degrees at its deepest point of 106 feet. Camp Mechuwana, a United Methodist Camp, is on the borders of this pond and also on its shores is More To Life Family Campground.  Keep Reading

Great Pond

Great Pond is the largest body of water in the famed Belgrade Chain of Lakes in Belgrade Maine. Situated among wooded, rolling hills and fertile farmland, Great Pond covers a beautiful 8,533 acres with a mean depth of 21 feet and maximum depth of 69 feet. Great Pond is heavily used for a variety of recreational activities by both seasonal and year-round residents such as paddle boating, swimming, water skiing, kayaking and more. Great Pond is known to have above average water quality.

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Bear Pond

Bear Pond in Androscoggin and Oxford Counties and is located in the towns of Turner and Hartford. Bear Pond is a small but highly developed body of water great for water activities and fishing smallmouth bass largemouth bass and brown trout. This pond produces a few quality fish but due to its smaller size body of water, it limits the number of sizable fish. In the main inlet called Mutiny Brook, Salmon and brook trout spawn successfully. These fish are annually stocked though as the pond contains many predatory fish and limited nursery habitats.

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Crescent Lake

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Crescent Lake is a large, narrow lake consisting of close to 725 acres located mostly in Raymond but has its northern tip located in Casco. Also known as Rattlesnake Lake, Crescent lake is surrounded by rolling hills and lush green forest, making it a scenic and aesthetically beautiful area. Crescent Lake consists of mostly a gravel shoreline with some areas of rock piles and weed beds. Home to many various activities and watersports, Crescent lake is known for it’s year round fishing, sporting one of the most notable bass fishing spots in Maine.

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