Cobbossee Lake

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One of Central Maine’s largest body of water is Cobbosseeconte, aka Cobbossee Lake. Cobbossee Lake can be found in Manchester, Winthrop, Monmouth, Litchfield, and West Gardiner.  Cobbossee Lake can be found within the borders of 5 towns and is located in Kennebec County. It is very attractive to many due to its proximity to the moderately populated state capital area.

Cobbossee Lake covers 5,543 acres with a maximum depth of 100 feet with a mean depth of 37 feet. Cobbosee Lake provides exploration of 62 miles of shoreline, offering an appeal to you as a seasonal or year round explorer. Cobbessee Lake is spring-fed with inlets from Jug and Jock Stream. Offering two boat launches, one located in Monmouth and the other one in Manchester, Cobbossee Lake offers a tranquil setting for visitors.

Cobbossee Lake, once one of the unhealthiest lakes in the state, is removed from the federal list of so-called ‘impared‘ water bodies.” was previously sited from Governor Baldacci. Being the first lake to be removed from that list, Cobbossee is no longer on that list after 40 years of cleaning up the lake. The Cobbossee Watershed District (CWD) stated in May of 2016 “Water clarity was quite clear on all of the ponds.” They have seen an additional noted improvement over the past 10 years in the water quality of the lake.

Cobbossee Lake provides you with a wide range of outdoor recreational enjoyment from kayaking, swimming, boating, skiing, waterskiing, hiking, snowmobiling and so much more. There are many attractions for you to go explore in the surrounding areas as it is only a 15 minute drive to Augusta and an hour drive to Portland.

Cobbossee Lake is noted for its great smallmouth and largemouth bass by fishermen. Being noted for having some of the largest bass and being considered one of the best bass lakes in the Northeast. An important factor for maintaining these valuable fisheries is maintaining water levels during the critical bass spawning season, which Cobbossee Lake does. Brown trout fishing is also enjoyed at Cobbossee Lake.

Cobbossee Lake has one of the most unique features of any lake in Maine being the home to the state’s only active inland waters lighthouse. Ladies Delight Light is maintained by the Cobbosseeconte Yacht Club and still shines every night to keep boaters from running aground and was built in 1908.

Come check out the well liked location and recreational activities of Cobbossee Lake for yourself!

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