Maranacook Lake

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Located in Belgrade Lakes Region, Maranacook Lake is one of Maine’s finest bodies of water. Maranacook Lake is located in Kennebec County and stretches through Readfield and Winthrop. Located about 10 miles west of the capital city of Augusta, Maranacook Lake is situated in the central southern part of Maine.

Maranacook Lake covers 1,673 acres with a maximum depth of 118 feet and mean depth of 30 feet. Maranacook Lake contains two basins that have very little in common and the lake itself is of a very irregular shape. Both basins are heavily developed with a mix of year round residence, seasonal camps, cabins and vacation rentals and both basins have access from the public.

The Northern Basin of Maranacook Lake is 700 acres in surface area and has a very irregular shoreline. The Northern Basin is located almost entirely in the town of Readfield. The Northern Basin’s maximum depth is 39 feet which is significantly more shallow then the Southern Basin, which helps it maintain homothermous quality, meaning the water temperature at the surface of the lake is nearly the same as the deepest points of the basin.

The Southern Basin of Maranacook Lake is 1,000 acres in surface area and contains a sandy beach on the southeastern shore. The Southern Basin is located mostly in Winthrop and it’s greatest attraction is it’s Norcross Point. Norcross point is a great place to gather for local get togethers, meeting up with friends or family for local events, and attending concerts.

Maranacook Lake will offer you a variety of fishing opportunities depending on what basin you are fishing in if you are a fisherman. The Northern Basin favors smallmouth and largemouth bass, chain pickerel, white perch, and yellow perch due to its warm water environment. The Southern Basin will attract the anglers looking for more of the coldwater fish species. The Southern Basin is most commonly known for its brown trout. Thanks to the help of fishery management, yearly growth has been reported by supporting natural growth with the plantings of fall yearlings. Along with these species, lake trout, bullhead, rainbow smelt, and more have been found by anglers coming to this fine lake.

The Maranacook Lake Association has a mission to “protect and improve water quality.” The Southern Basin of Maranacook Lake has water qualities slightly above the average as it is monitored by volunteers for the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program.

Come check out the well liked Maranacook Lake for yourself and enjoy it’s great fishing and phenomenal living!

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