Tacoma Lakes

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Tacoma Lakes are composed of 5 breath taking beautiful lakes; Jimmy Pond, Little Purgatory Pond, Woodbury Pond,Sand Pond, and Buker Pond. The Tacoma Lakes are located in Kennebec County and span through the towns of Litchfield and Monmouth.

Woodbury Pond is the largest of the chain of ponds and covers approximately 436 acres and has a maximum depth of 52 feet. Woodbury Pond is connected to the rest of the Tacoma Lakes by a outlet that flows under the Lewiston to Gardiner Road. Woodbury Pond is home to Whippoorwill Park which is a recreational facility owned by the state but is maintained by the town of Litchfield, providing additional access to the lake’s west shore. Fall yearling of brown trout have been stocked yearly in Woodbury Pond.

Jimmy Pond is the upper most pond in the Tacoma Lakes chain. Jimmy Pond covers approximately 40 acres and has a maximum depth of 32 feet. The pond has a severe oxygen deficiency in water deeper then 15 feet during summer months and has warm water fishery that is considered to be excellent.

Buker Pond covers approximately 75 acres and has a maximum depth of 28 feet with a mean depth of 10 feet. Being only one of several, Buker Pond offers good fishing. Buker Pond offers smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, white perch and chain pickerel to fishermen. Also, the North end of Buker Pond is home to a state owned boat ramp where boaters can also access Sand Pond.

Little Purgatory Pond covers 44 acres with a maximum depth of 20 feet. A canoe or small boat would be best on this small body of water. Access from an outlet from Woodbury Pond allows for fish species to move freely and offers excellent warm water fish habitat.

Connected by a causeway to Woodbury Pond on its north end, Sand Pond covers an area of 1777 acres and has a deeper maximum depth of 82 feet. At its south end is another causeway that connects it to Buker Pond.

Anglers have a wide variety of options for fishing throughout Tacoma Lakes offering Brown trout, largemouth and smallmouth bass, white perch all swim in various spots throughout the lakes.

Come explore this well developed set of lakes only a half hour drive from Lewiston and Augusta, Tacoma Lakes is a great region that attracts year round residences and summer rentals – Come see for yourself!

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