Crescent Lake

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Crescent Lake is a large, narrow lake consisting of close to 725 acres located mostly in Raymond but has its northern tip located in Casco. Also known as Rattlesnake Lake, Crescent lake is surrounded by rolling hills and lush green forest, making it a scenic and aesthetically beautiful area. Crescent Lake consists of mostly a gravel shoreline with some areas of rock piles and weed beds. Home to many various activities and watersports, Crescent lake is known for it’s year round fishing, sporting one of the most notable bass fishing spots in Maine.

Crescent lake is a relatively calm body of water for it’s size, with minimal boat traffic and lack of wind, due to the amount of trees surrounding the lake. A small river at the south of the lake allows access to Panther Pond, giving boaters even more access to further exploration and water activities. The Town of Raymond maintains a boat launch on Route 85. Crescent lake continues to be a popular spot for tourists and homeowners and is a short drive from the Maine Turnpike.

Crescent Lake’s water flows south into Panther Pond via the Tenney River making ideal for a full day on the water.

Anglers can appreciate the excellent water quality for warm water fisheries. Crescent lake produces some of the best bass fishing in Southern Maine. It’s plentiful food base provide great fishing for pickerel and also landlocked salmon and white perch. A yearly stocking for these fish create great fishing due to the well oxygenated layer of water.


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