Bear Pond

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Bear Pond in Androscoggin and Oxford Counties and is located in the towns of Turner and Hartford. Bear Pond is a small but highly developed body of water great for water activities and fishing smallmouth bass largemouth bass and brown trout. This pond produces a few quality fish but due to its smaller size body of water, it limits the number of sizable fish. In the main inlet called Mutiny Brook, Salmon and brook trout spawn successfully. These fish are annually stocked though as the pond contains many predatory fish and limited nursery habitats.

On the eastern shore of Bear Pond, there is a public beach for local residents perfect for enjoying the sun and the swimming in the clear water.  There is a steeply sloped, paved boat launch with direct access to Route 35 for the public and is found also on the eastern shore of the pond. Bear Pond’s Maximum water depth is 28 feet, with an average depth of 12 feet and covers an area of 422 acres.

The Bear Pond Improvement Association (BPIA) reported that the water quality is above average. The BPIA oversees the well-being of Bear Pond and Little Bear Pond. Big Bear Pond and Little Bear Pond are connected by a shallow, rocky passage way. Motorboats can pass through but caution needs to be used when passing through. As a four season, great place to visit, Bear Pond provides boating, swimming, water skiing, skating, and so much more. Come visit this great body of water for yourself!


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