Upper & Lower Narrows Pond

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With an area of 255 acres, Lower Narrows Pond provides great fishing for both coldwater and warmwater species like landlocked salmon and lake trout. Located within 10 miles of the capital, temperatures get up to 76 degrees on at the surface and down to 39 degrees at its deepest point of 106 feet. Camp Mechuwana, a United Methodist Camp, is on the borders of this pond and also on its shores is More To Life Family Campground. 

Connected by a causeway that you can canoe or kayak through, Upper Narrows is the larger of the two pond, but only just. It covers 279 acres and has a maximum depth of 54 feet. Upper Narrows is also good for both coldwater and warmwater fish species. Anglers can expect to catch togue, salmon and smallmouth and largemouth bass and white perch may not be uncommon. The water quality is noted to be above average and is the principal water supply for the Winthrop utilities district and routinely monitored by the Cobbossee Water District.

These twin ponds provide many recreational activities to be enjoyed on both ponds such as boating, swimming, paddling and more. Public access is situated off the Narrows Pond Road in Winthrop.


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