Sabattus Lake aka Sabattus Pond

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Just minutes from the cities of Lewiston and Auburn, lies Sabattus Pond a large but shallow body of water with an average and maximum depth of 14 and 19 feet respectively.

This pond covers an area of nearly 2000 acres and is great for recreational activities including boating, paddling and fishing. Sabattus Pond supports good populations of white perch and chain pickerel. Poor water quality has been written into Sabattus Pond’s story for many years. But in an effort to improve the pond’s quality, all of the water in the is completely turned over each year.

The pond is drawn down three feet annually in the fall and kept at this low level until spring. This, in conjunction with new controls on certain land-use activities in the Sabattus watershed, are designed to improved water quality over time and should benefit the pond’s fisheries.

Being so close to the cities of Lewiston and Auburn, Sabattus is a popular destination. The shoreline is well developed and the town maintains a very accessible boat launch near Martin’s Point. To learn more about this lake or real estate on its shores, please contact Androvise Realty.

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